Wooden floors and underfloor heating

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For years, wooden floors and underfloor heating go well together. A layered oak floor called can be combined in combination with the so-called ‘Ambitak’ system of underfloor heating. This multilayer wooden floor is available in planks up to 28 cm wide. In other laying patterns such as herringbone and hungarian point, this wooden floor is available in planks to 18 cm wide and available in 90 beautiful colours.



The RC-value of a wooden floor gives the measure of the heat insulating power or heat resistance of wooden floors. The RC-value is the total resistance (R = Resistance) of the whole floor construction (C = construction). A thick floor with a high RD-value will give more resistance than a thin floor with a low RC-value. A high RC value means a wooden floor with a high insulation power, increasing the heating costs, because the heat of the underfloor heating system has more difficulty coming to the surface.

Also the heat effect and the time that the room warms up will be less efficient with a thick wooden floor. For the realisation of a wooden floor with underfloor heating with the highest efficiency we recommend oak parquet called ‘Vincent’.

This oak floor is available in different colours. If your preferred colour of floor is not standard available, a specialist wooden floor manmufacturer can make that for you on special request for you. The resistance of this 16 mm thick floor is only (RC 0.088) and is renowned for its durability. This makes it an ideal wooden floor for underfloor heating in Glasgow.


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