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VAT Registration Netherlands? Business life is much easier with a VAT Registration Netherlands. My core business is selling flowers to the Netherlands, I know it sounds weird, but my company buy flowers in new (and often cheaper) countries were they produce flowers and sell them to the Netherlands. For this reason I have a VAT Registration Netherlands. The history is sometimes strange and unpredictable, but as a business man, you must be creative to earn money. The Netherlands are famous about their flowers and many people in the world think that about all the flowers come from the Netherlands. Of course tulips sounds very Dutch and the song “Tulpen van Amsterdam” (Tulips from Amsterdam) gives you even more the feeling that the tulips come from Amsterdam, maybe it was like this in the past, but a lot is changed. Millions of people visit yearly the Keukenhof in Lisse, the exhibition of flowers, people really come from all over the world and it´s unbelievable how many people in the world know what the Keukenhof is. And yes, also true, Aalsmeer has by far the biggest auction hall of the world, in the hall the auction of flowers takes place daily. The hall is so big, that there is once a year a cyclist tour in it. In the past, in the old auction hall in Aalsmeer, now used as the studios of Endemol, all the flowers came from the Netherlands, but since the times changed and other countries, like Kenya, Chili, Israel and even China, produce flowers for a much lower price, the Dutch flowers lost market share. But the Dutch are the Dutch and when it´s about money they can be very creative, especially when the revenue goes down. And the revenues in the flower auction hall went down. The new flower production countries started to export the flowers themselves, maybe not so reliable as the Dutch but much cheaper. The flower expedition companies around Aalsmeer didn´t like it at all, they started to lose market control and market share, before the acted, and almost were, like the flower monopolists. They came with a genius idea, buy all the flowers straight from the cheap price production countries and re-sell them through the auction hall in Aalsmeer. The export within Europe was back and even though the flowers didn´t come from the Netherlands, full control was back. The cheap producing countries were happy, they didn´t need to acquire customers, sell and the complicated expedition was at once very easy, all flowers to Aalsmeer. Revenue was guaranteed and no risk, beside that in this was the quality of service and the reliability was higher. In Aalsmeer they had only one problem, the old auction hall was too small for this. On the industrial area of Aalsmeer, close to Schiphol Airport – very imported when huge amounts of flowers come from contingents, a new three times bigger auction hall was built. The most modern technologies and logistical systems were used, container and truck proof. When the new auction hall was finished and operational, the expedition companies started to import flowers from the new countries. Importing from Israel wasn´t so complicated, the Dutch traded already a lot of other stuff with Israel and ElAl- as well as KLM Cargo flew more than once a day between Tel Aviv and Amsterdam. The connections were all in place. But importing from countries like Kenya, Chili, Bolivia or China was a bit more complicated. And the importers were originally export companies who were used to sell and deliver the flowers in the European countries. And there is a wording which says: “A good sales guy can´t buy and a good buyer can´t sell”. So in the first year it didn´t work in the way they thought and calculating all the time and effort they spent, plus the poor quality, something needed to change, or they had to stop the whole idea. Which was almost impossible, the auction hall was built especially for this business and the big market share should be gone forever. My company was used to buy about all the flowers in Aalsmeer for the whole British market. The biggest flower expedition company in Aalsmeer delivered them to my place in Cornwall, not far away from a guy who re-sells French cheese. From Cornwall I did the delivery further to my customers. Since I found out that in other countries as the Netherlands flower production came up, for much lower costs, I decided to make a trip to these countries and to setup the contacts with the biggest producers. After a year I could reduce the import from flowers from the Netherlands and I imported flowers from different sources in the new flower countries. I had to agree that the service and reliability wasn´t the same as with the Dutch, but I good say that the cheaper prices compensated this. I only had the problem that my reliability to my customers wasn’t as good anymore. When I only imported from Aalsmeer, I bought (my purchaser was Dutch and of course located in Aalsmeer) flowers, the next day in the morning they were in Cornwall and during the day my distribution to my customers started. Always in time. The flowers from the new countries came often some days later as agreed upon, I couldn´t afford buyers in each country and the amount exported by them to the UK was only 2% of the total. During my visit last year to my (the biggest) flower expedition company in Aalsmeer, we discussed the issue of the unreliability, etc. I was prepared and had a great plan and solution for it. I had the good contacts with the producers far away. I proposed that I buy all the flowers in these countries (so the 2% should increase till about 95%) and delivery is not UK, but Aalsmeer. Here the go into the normal auction process. The Dutch have the control over the flowers back, I will be a rich men and reliability is guaranteed. It´s running like this over my company with VAT Registration Netherlands and my wife runs the UK delivery.

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